IATI Studio: Do it yourself data platform

IATI Studio is an open platform to visualise, analyse and publish open development aid data. IATI Studio extracts over 3.500 datasets covering $80 billion of aid published in the IATI format, and provides you access to an easy web-interface to interact with all of that data. It promotes accountability and transparency on a global and local level and enables in-depth analysis of where the money goes and who spent the money on what. The data-services provided here are free to use.

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OIPA: The IATI data-engine

OIPA is a native IATI data-engine, enabling IATI XML compliant data to be parsed and interfaced using the OIPA JSON API. OIPA handles IATA data: from IATI XML input, to IATI JSON data output. You can look at OIPA as an advanced version of the IATI registry.

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Custom open data portals

We can visualise your data in close cooperation and in non-standard ways. Making use of years of experience, our team is able to provide you with cutting edge data visualisations and web portals, be it off-the-shelf or completely bespoke.

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